Welcome to AMAP

AMAP is part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences within the University of Sunderland and evolved from two previous University groups with complementary skills and knowledge across the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

Our expertise covers a broad range of industrial applications and digital engineering technologies and we are able to provide a range of valuable services to manufacturers.

We can also combine our expertise as a leading group in international research in automotive, manufacturing and maintenance engineering and ultra low carbon vehicle technology.

By providing problem-solving solutions to manufacturers of all capabilities, offering training or advice, or working in partnership-based research, AMAP's basic working principle is to improve or develop the current state of a company or individual.

Our services can be applied equally to a company of 100 or less employees, to major corporations, or even to individuals looking to up-skill through education and professional development.

To find out how AMAP can help you or your company learn, adapt and grow, we hope this website gives you a suitable overview of the services, training, research and consultancy available.