Welcome to the home of SU Racing

‌‌‌“Racing is life. Anything before, or after is just waiting”
Steve McQueen

We are a small, enthusiastic student motor sport team based at the University of Sunderland with a goal to design, test, build and race a single seater racing car for an international competition at Silverstone called “Formula Student”

All cars are restricted by guidelines set forth by the organizers. The competition promotes various skills such as engineering, management, production, administration, accounting, marketing, advertising, public relations, teamwork, cooperation, leadership and working under pressure of deadlines, preparing them for life after university.

We are always looking to improve the prospect and skills of our team and its members, to enable us to be as strong and successful as possible. We feel with our training, support from the University of Sunderland and Institute for Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) this team has a bright future.


Our Philosophy:
To develop our students, both as an individual and a team member to maximize their potential in a real world race environment and to prepare them for the world they face at their potential employers, after university.

Our Aims:
Continually develop and improve our cars from one year, to the next.
Continuity and improvement in terms of evaluating and analysing our designs.
Improve administrative, financial, marketing, advertising and public relations aspects of the team to entice sponsors.
The development of automotive knowledge, technology and manufacturing capability to enable the university to enhance the student experience.


FS 2015 Group

Our Graduates:
Engineering graduates who have been part of our successful team in the past have progressed onto undertaking positions with organisations such as:
Red Bull, McLaren, Renault F1, Force India, Caterham, Triumph, Nissan Cranfield, BAE Systems.

Where do you come into it?
We are always very keen to have new and enthusiastic people join our team and help us to develop and improve our race car. There are many different roles within the team and  we are always happy to have new members from non-engineering backgrounds- no previous experience needed.

If you feel you would like to get involved, please do not hesitate to Contact us.